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What Estudio is a contemporary design studio focusing on creating unique objects with a conscious production practice. Softening production impact is one of our main concerns, every piece is carefully hand crafted with locally sourced raw materials. Every object is designed and made by hand in Los Angeles by Agustin Canonero, the founder of this project. 

From a very young age his love for crafts and design began in Argentina, his home country. There he started working alongside different traditional craftsman, designers and architects learning both industrial production and artisan techniques. In 2019 he began his own metal and wood shop, working alongside other creatives and having developed a wide range of custom furniture for number of different interior design projects in Buenos Aires. 

What Estudio is the evolution of Agustin’s creative and technical process. The production process always has been one of the core pillars of the studio’s praxis, it gives us the opportunity to find new possibilities within materials, techniques, and construction. Designing, experimenting and testing new ideas constantly.